PG Awards 2016 -2017

The GSU in conjuction with the Graduate Studies Office will grant six awards for people who have made remarkable contributions to the Union and the Postgraduate Community. The awards will be given during the PG Ball, the 8th of June.

The categories are: 

  1. Postgrad of the Year
  2. Class Rep of the Year
  3. School Rep of the Year
  4.  PG Equality Advocacy Award
  5. Life-Long GSU Contribution Award
  6. Supervisor of the Year

The deadline for nominations is Monday 29th of May.

If you have been involved in the GSU this year or know someone who has done a remarkable contribution to Postgrad life, have a look at the awards. You can nominate yourself or nominate a third party.

Online Nomination Form Here*

Supporting documentation (i.e. pictures, advertising materials, anonymous quotes, etc) are required for all the awards expect Supervisor of the Year. Please e-mail supporting documentation at by the deadline.  

Do not hesitate to nominate!


* Make sure you answer all the questions in the nomination form. Writing people's names and contact details does not suffice. Uncompleted nomination will not be considered.