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Foundations to Future Innovation

With technological innovations, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and cyberwarfare moving ahead one must ask is our ethical oversight keeping up? Has the foundation to these innovations become compromised with technological determinism?


Human Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Through the scholarly vision of research, we can break down the borders that confront us and build a world with brighter horizons, thus creating conditions for a harmonious future. In this theme areas such as human rights, sustainability, accessibility and our general approach to these areas in education will be explored.



Every great advance that Trinity has made has been in partnership with others; it is partnerships such as this that have made Ireland a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. Trinity’s dynamic, entrepreneurial and creative campus holds true to its aim of providing excellence in research and innovation. This drive and ambition is to be found in Ireland’s ever growing industry and the accomplishments of the student-body.

On March 15th and 16th 2017, Trinity’s Graduate Students’ Union will be hosting the annual International Postgraduate Research Conference, now in its second year. This conference will include early career researchers from various disciplines and Universities presenting their research which carry incredible synergies across research themes due to the multidisciplinary nature at the heart of this conference.

The 4 conference themes are:

1. Foundations to Future Innovation

2. Human Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

3. Cultural Reflection and Transformation of Identify

4. The Longevity Dividend


Cultural Reflection and Transformation of Identity

2017 was the year of unexpected cultural and political events. How did we get there? In turn, this forces our society to reconceptualise notions of national and collective identity in the global community. This research theme is very significant within TCD and by bringing a group of international presenters together, this theme will be explored comparatively in an approach to encourage thinking about this topic from a global citizenship perspective. 

The Longevity Dividend

Science has revolutionised our understanding of the biology of life and death. This has created a real scientific foundation for the feasibility of extending and improving life. These scientific advancements have reduced the probability of diabetes, heart disease and other common killers. Overall, this has resulted in astronomical savings, both in direct medical costs and productivity loss thus reducing demand on the already overburdened health care system. Albeit as we face an era of a growing older population, other costs incur such as longer term healthcare, pensions and demand on public services. In this conference session, presenters will focus on the technological elements that have led to increased life expectancy, but also explore what we must do in order to afford and resource this area.

Submit your abstracts (250 words) and queries via email to PGConference@tcdgsu.ie by 31st January 2018! Submissions accepted in all fields.