PG Equality Advocacy Award




The growing Postgraduate Community includes many students coming from non-traditional backgrounds. The University is developing initiatives aiming to integrate and give equal opportunities to all its students. In this regard, several policies and documents have been produced, such as the Equality Policy, the Strategy for Diversity and Inclusion and section C 8.2. of Trinity´s Strategic Plan.

Being aware that postgraduate students are central to promote equality among their peers, the GSU in conjunction with the Equality Officer and the Graduate Studies Office will grant one PG Equality Advocate Award. This will be granted to a postgraduate student or group of postgraduate students who have made a remarkable effort to promote equality implementing and enhancing the University policies and efforts to promote equality.

Online Nomination Form Here



·         The candidate must be a member of the GSU or have been a member when the initiative was done.



The PG Equality Advocate Award may be granted to a single person or a group of people who have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of equality and diversity within the University.

The winner of the award will be decided by a selecting committee based on the information provided through the online nomination form and other supporting documentation.

People can nominate themselves or be nominates by a third party.

There will be two main criteria assessed by the selecting committee:

·         What have you done to promote equality? How has your initiative(s) promoted equality?

·         What impact has your initiative had? (i.e. your class, your school, the entire PG Community, College Community, etc).

Please, make sure you understand the Equality Policy  pp. 5-9 before you complete the Online Nomination Form.

Supporting documentation showing evidence of the initiative(s) promoting equality and diversity will be required. Supporting documentation may be anonymous quotes from people who attended/ benefited from the initiative, pictures, advertising materials, etc.

Please e-mail supporting documentation to before the deadline.