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Trinity's Graduate Students' Union has called a Town Hall meeting to discuss the decision of the College Finance Committee to increase fees by 5% for all Postgraduate students next year, including both new and continuing students. 

A number of pertinent individuals and organisations have been invited to this Town Hall in which a number of matters will be discussed, including:

1. The impact of increasing fees on individuals who wish to pursue higher degrees which can have a long-term impact on diversity in HEIs;

2. The impact of a 5% increase on TCD PG students curently enrolled on programmes, including PhD students and the impact such a measure might have on internal and national objectives;

3. The current situation facing Universities in that for funded students, the contribution towards fees does not meet the total cost associated with higher degree programmes;

4. Ways to ensure that income from fees benefits the students paying these fees more directly here in TCD and in HEIs in general;

5. The disproportionate impact of increasing fees for students pursuing a PhD in AHSS fields where there is significantly less funding available in the context of graduate education being constantly shifted to direct monetary gain.

We invite you to join us for an evening to discuss these matters. All viewpoints and contributions are welcomed. Please join us in this discussion and help us to shape the direction of future scholarship in Higher Education.
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