Postgrad of the Year



Trinity College Dublin offers a wide range of opportunities for students to participate and contribute to the student life. Similarly, the GSU, provides a framework for students to play an active role in the postgraduate student life and the wider community. This award aims to acknowledge and reward outstanding contributions to the Postgraduate Community and the student life.


Online Nomination Form Here



·         The candidate must be a member of the GSU.



The GSU is formed by remarkable postgraduate students who volunteer their time to foster student life. More importantly, postgraduate students contribute to the work the GSU does.

The criteria for this award are two:

·         The contribution to postgraduate student life. Whereas being involved in the GSU is not compulsory to win the award, it will be important. What initiative(s) have you done to foster postgraduate student life?

·         The impact of your contributions.

Supporting documentation showing evidence of the initiative(s) contributing to student life will be required. Supporting documentation may be anonymous quotes from people who attended/ benefited from the initiative, pictures, advertising documentation, etc.

Please e-mail supporting documentation to before the deadline.

People can nominate themselves or be nominates by a third party.