School Rep of the Year


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Similarly, to the Class Reps, School Reps play a fundamental role within the GSU. The main task of a School Rep is to attend the School Exec meetings and represent their peer´s interests. Some School Reps develop a remarkable work by representing their peers while making valuable contributions to their School and their peer´s academic experience. This award is aimed to reward those School Reps who work tirelessly during their term.

Online Nomination Form Here



·         The candidate must be a member of the Union.

·         The candidate must have been a school rep for the academic year.



School reps are meant to represent their peer postgraduate students within the School. Have been an active rep is sine qua non to be considered for the award. In other words, the candidates should have attended all the meetings required by the position (GSU Council, School Exec, etc).

However, the main criteria for this award are:

·         The development of the rep duties representing and providing pastoral care. The candidate should have acted as a true liaison with the university bodies. Also, the candidate has developed initiatives which have benefits its classmates (i.e. social event, study group, etc).

·         The impact of the class rep work. (i.e. Have your class rep positively impacted your experience in the University?).

Supporting documentation showing evidence of the initiative(s) and project(s) done for their School will be required. Supporting documentation may be anonymous quotes from people who attended/ benefited from the initiative, pictures, etc.

Please e-mail supporting documentation to before the deadline.

People can nominate themselves or be nominates by a third party.