Get to know the Graduate Student Union elected Officers


Shaz Oye

Shaz Oye is the President of the GSU. Her role as President of the GSU is to stand and speak up for postgraduate students when key decisions are being made by College authorities that will directly impact the postgraduate community.
She also is directly involved in working with external groups to improve postgraduate conditions nationally. It is often decisions taken at a national level that directly impact us, as Trinity postgraduates, and external responsibilities are a key part of his role.
She is also is the director of GSU strategic initiatives and directly oversees the implementation of the Union’s annual and multi-year plans. The GSU has a number of strategic initiatives to pursue this coming year.


Gisèle Scanlon
Vice President

Gisèle Scanlon understands the challenges the postgraduate faces in securing funding and publication having represented postgraduate research students as the GSU Officer on the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Trinity College Faculty Executive for two years. She is acutely aware of the challenges faced by both Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Masters or Diploma and Postgraduate Research (PGR) candidates studying for PhDs and research Doctorate degrees in Trinity College Dublin. She understands the dedication and stamina required in research as she is currently completing her third masters in Trinity College - an M.Phil in Art History (Art + Ireland) in the School of Histories and Humanities. She has already graduated Trinity College Dublin with two postgraduate degrees from the School of English – an M.Phil in Creative Writing from the Oscar Wilde Centre for Irish writing 2017 and an academic M.Phil in English Literature with distinction in 2018. She is also a writer and a recipient of a Galaxy Irish Book Award and two British literary awards from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Her new GSU Vice-President role allows her to share these years of experience and provide you with a safe space to think clearly about your options when difficulty arises and you are unsure as to which of the many services in Trinity College can best support your academic and personal well-being. Born in Listowel, Co. Kerry in the southwest of Ireland she is also keenly aware of the importance of celebrating one’s own cultural heritage, the importance of celebrating one’s language and the importance of sharing experiences both in the arts and academia to help improve postgraduate education. She looks forward to helping every postgraduate this year.


Sophie Gonsalves-Brown
GSU Chair

Sophie Gonsalves-Brown is the Chair of the Graduate Students’ Union. In this role, she is responsible for running AGMs, Councils, and meetings of the Executive Committee. She works to ensure that all discussion is conducted effectively and fairly.
Sophie is completing an MSc in Comparative Social Change, a joint programme with UCD. She originally hails from Poughkeepsie, New York.


Shubhangi Karmakar



Katarina White

Communications Officer

Katarina White is the GSU Communications officer and is currently finishing up her one year MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy at the Trinity Business School. As the communications officer, Katarina sends out weekly newsletters to the postgraduate student body, updates social media channels with news and events, and attends the GSU meetings to stay on top of GSU activities that will impact postgrads. If you have anything you would like to be added to the GSU weekly or promoted on our social media pages, please send in contact.


Sebastien J G Sauvagnat

Events Officer

Joined the Graduate Students’ Union more intimately when voted into office, at the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), mid-March 2019. A French-American, studying Energy Science at the College. It has been at times a tight rope act, but the GSU has offered many opportunities you should seize! There are a number of events on the horizon, so stay tuned, engage with your peers and please feel free to get in touch with your ideas.


Edward O'Loughlin

Director of GSU Spaces

Edward is pursuing postgraduate studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has an MA in Pol. Sci. and previously worked nationally and internationally with global learning and communications.

As the Director of Postgraduate Spaces, he will be reviewing the current state of PG spaces in Trinity and how PG spaces such as the 1937 Reading Room can be improved. He can be contacted about difficulties you may encounter while utilising designated postgraduate GSU spaces in the college. He can also be contacted about use of the Postgraduate Common Room in House 7 which can be booked for specific meetings and events. Feel free to reach out to him with questions, issues or ideas about PG spaces.


Shaz Oye

Equality & Diversity Officer

Shaz is pursuing an M.Ed (Music). She spent the last 16 years working as a professional songwriter, musician and producer. Prior to this she worked in the human rights/social justice field; specifically on HIV/AIDS, sexual health, and LGBTQ+ issues. She held the position of Executive Director of Dublin AIDS Alliance (now HIV Ireland), has worked with Sticks and Stones Ireland, and sat on the National AIDS Strategy Committee, and the Equality Authority Advisory Committee on Sexual Orientation (precursor to the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission).

Shaz is committed to fostering and promoting equality, and inclusion on campus and will endeavour to ensure that Trinity College Dublin remains a progressive, friendly and welcoming space for you. We want you to enjoy your postgraduate experience in a safe, and supportive environment. If you have ideas, or concerns related to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion on campus the GSU is there for you.

Patrick McDonagh.jpg

Patrick McDonagh

Research Officer


Swapnil Sudhakar Ingle

International Student Officer

Swapnil is a PhD student in the School of Chemistry. I amoriginally from India and the recipient of state government of Maharashtra foreign scholarship. I have done my Master in Analytical chemistry from Fergusson college Pune India and also I have a bachelor’s degree in education. Other than doing research I also workfor The Royal Society of Chemistry collaborated with Science Foundation Ireland and I teach secondary school students across Ireland spectroscopy in a suitcase and which helps givethem general information about Trinity College and pursuing a career in science.

Sean Murray.jpg

Sean Murray

EMS Officer

Sean is studying for an MSc in High Performance Computing and the EMS officer’s role is primarily being a voice for students from Engineering, Mathematics, and Science in the GSU.

Kathleen Conroy.jpg

Kathleen Conroy

Environmental Officer


To Be Elected

HS Officer

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Daniel J Ringis


DJ is a PhD student in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, he is probably complaining about the cold weather of Ireland. As EMS representative, DJ is responsible for assisting the graduate students of Engineering Mathematics and Science Faculty.


To Be Elected

HS Faculty Representative

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To Be Elected
Oversight Officer