Supervisor of the Year



Supervisors play a key role in the learning process and academic development of postgraduate students, particularly in the case of research students. Being aware of this, the GSU will grant one award to a supervisor who had a remarkable impact on a postgraduate student.

Online Nomination Form Here



·         The candidate must be or have been a supervisor/ co-supervisor of a postgraduate student.

·         The nominator(s) must be a current member of the GSU.



The University has certain regulations which provide a supervision framework, such as the Good Research Practice Policy and Part III of College Calendar. Also, the Supervision of Research Students. Best Practice Guidelines provide advice in relation to the supervisor´s roles and the students’ responsibilities.

The selecting committee will consider:

·         The initiative(s) and supports your supervisor provided you while working together.

·         The impact of your supervisor´s work in your academic development.

The relationship between students and supervisors varies widely. Therefore, we are aware your experience with your supervisor may be wonderful yet unconventional. In this sense, it is advisable to provide examples and be as concise as possible when filling the online nomination form.